We are all busy and I for one have written blogs on donating dollars to charity. But there is another side, besides the money. Volunteering for your favorite cause has gone to new levels. There are volunteer hours for literacy to spending time in a soup kitchen to volunteer vacations for your pet charity. What a difference giving your time can make. Try it!!

About Lisa Moren Bromma

Lisa Moren Bromma has been a real estate investor since 1978, an investor in private mortgages since 1988; a professional speaker since 1991 and a consultant to many businesses in the real estate and financial services community since 1998. She is a member of the National Speakers Association, and has taught over 1,000 workshops and seminars on the subject of real estate and marketing. Lisa also served on the board of Directors of the National Real Estate Investor’s Association and has been a presenter at several national and international real estate events.
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